St Michael and All Angels Church

We would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone wishing to visit the church, either during one of our services, or taking a quiet moment for reflection at any other time.

We extend a very warm welcome to anyone wishing to join us in our worship.

We are fortunate to have at least three services each month. First and third Sundays each month are early morning communion services (usually 8.30am or 8.45am). On the second Sunday each month we have a Family Service (usually at 10.00am) which caters for all ages.

Twice each year we host the rest of the Shingay Group of Parishes in a Group Service.

Abington Pigotts’ church shares the following Mission Statement with the other churches in the Shingay Group of Parishes:

  • We rejoice that the gospel is “Good News” for all, and re-commit ourselves to be faithful witnesses to Jesus Christ.
  • We resolve to broaden our friendships, and through the power of the Holy Spirit constantly to improve our presence in the community.
  • We will seek to work with Christians of other denominations, and with people of other faiths.
  • In striving to fulfil our calling, all that is undertaken shall be rooted in prayer and honoured in worship.


The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the governing body of the Church of St Michael and All Angels, Abington Pigotts. It meets twice each year – an Annual General Meeting in April/May, which is open to anyone interested in the working of the village church, and a mid-term meeting in November. At the AGM appointments are made to the necessary official posts of Treasurer, Church Warden and other required representatives.

The current members of the PCC are:

Shamus Williams (Rector)

Ann Bol (Curate)

Elizabeth Eayrs (Treasurer)

Jessica Linskill (Church Warden)

Chris Alliott (Church Warden)

Guy Sclater

Eleanor Sclater

Keith Stott (Registered Lay Preacher)

Alan Taylor

As a small charity, the church accounts are not required to be subject to an audit by accountants. Rather a volunteer Independent Examiner can be appointed to perform an inspection of the accounts to ensure that they are properly kept and present an accurate picture of the cash flows and financial position of the church. This position is currently held by Philip Tattersall (since 2007).

Abington Pigotts church owes a huge debt of gratitude to a long list of people who dedicate their time and resources to helping keep the church as beautifully presented as it is.

In both recent architect surveys of the church (2008, 2013)*, the architect has commented on the efforts and dedication of the village in maintaining the church to such a high standard.

Whilst we offer our thanks each year when we meet at the AGM, the PCC would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all those who help us keep the church looking as good as it is. Specifically we would like to recognise the help provided by:

  • those who mow the lawn;
  • those who arrange the flowers;
  • those who clean the church; and
  • the Gardening Club.

* All churches now have a “Quinquennial Report” produced every five years. This is a mandatory architectural survey of the church which ensures the PCC is aware of the works which are required to keep the church safe and structurally sound.

We have compiled this brief history of our church taking some details from the listing text, commentary from our recent Quinquennial report and further details which have been collected over the years.



Whilst fragments of carved stone and the roof line indicate that it dates back to the C12th, the nave with north and south doorways, south porch and embattled parapet is predominantly C14th. It has three windows each of two tall cinquefoiled lights in four-centred heads with moulded labels dating from the latter half of C15th. The original lead roof was replaced with slate in 1865, while the glazing in the windows is 300-400 years old.

The Font has a beautiful Elizabethan cover, which was discovered in the Tower when it was restored in 1924. The Font was not the original one but was given by Foxton Church in 1924. The original Font is in the Church Yard of Royston Church.

In 1924 the Gallery at the West Tower Arch was removed when evidence of an earlier Nave was discovered. Near the roof the old gable end of the original roof can be seen which was probably thatched.

The Pulpit is a fine example of a ‘Three Decker’ with its Clerk’s Desk, Prayer Desk and Pulpit. The Carvings are Flemish and probably came from Holland. The stand of wrought iron by the side of the desk used to hold an hour glass to time the Priest’s sermon. The door above the Pulpit either led to the Rood Screen or the old roof.


The Chancel dates from 1280 but was rebuilt in 1875 and re-roofed in 1924. The ancient Chancel had a leper-window on the south side. The Chancel Arch is original and has a well-preserved mediaeval screen with doors.

The Reredos carved in stone representing the Crucifixion with the Blessed Virgin Mary and St John was installed in 1890 in memory of the parents of Jane Graham Foster-Pigott.

The Organ was built by Messrs. Cousins of Lincoln and was dedicated on St Michael and All Angels day in 1908.


The Vestry was added in 1884. Inserted in the walls are various fragments dating from Norman times. The North Door is an original one and bears the marks of bullets and spear holes from Cromwell’s soldiers


The South Porch originally dated back to 1382 and was restored in 1930. The door is original with ancient lock and key and sanctuary knocker.


The Tower consists of three stages with defaced moulded plinth and embattled parapet. It has a steep pyramidal roof surmounted by weather-vane dated 1923. It has been repaired at least three times, in 1896, 1924 and most recently, following a significant investment of time and effort by former resident Reg Jackson, in 2007.


The Parish of Abington Pigotts is one of six which form the Shingay Group of Parishes. Visit the Group website here.

Each month the Group produces a magazine with details of local events, church services and adverts for local businesses. You can find the latest edition of the magazine here.


If you would like to get in touch with anyone from the church, please feel free to us the contact form on the “Contact Us” page and select “Church enquiry” from the subject line. Otherwise, you are very welcome to call one of the Church Wardens, who will do their best to respond as soon as possible.

Jessica Linskill – 01763 853150

Chris Alliott – 01763 853958


For clergy and pastoral matters, please contact our Rector, Shamus Williams on 01763 853067.