It has been a busy few months in Abington Pigotts and we thought it was high time for an update.  

Recent Events

On the first May bank holiday the Vintage Emporium took over the village hall for the long weekend, selling clothing and home accessories and the team managed to raise £2,600 to go towards the village hall refurbishment fund.

Hot on the heels of that, the Midsummer Soiree saw a significant crowd descend on South Farm for an evening of music and sunshine and raised £1,590.

Most recently, the fete on 19 July was another riproaring success with final takings of £5,163,  £20 more than last year!

Thanks to everyone who gave their time and energy to these events; they were all, in slightly different ways, a great success.

Village Hall Roof

It won’t have escaped many people’s notice that a major fundraising focus for these events is the now infamous Village Hall roof.

The roof is still on and just about watertight, for most of the time at least.

Although the Village Hall Committee has been quiet on progress over recent months plenty of work has been going on.

In fact, some heroic efforts have been put in trying to assess what would be both structurally effective and financially viable in the medium to long term.

These efforts are still ongoing and we hope to have a realistically scoped, achievable plan in good time for discussion at the AGM later this year.

Interim repairs

In the meantime, we are in about to commence a limited series of repairs which should  keep the roof from further deterioration for a few more years.

The holding repairs to the roof will comprise a clean up of the tiles followed by 3 coats of  a flexible, elastic coating which when dry will form a waterproof skin.

This should prevent further water coming in and any further significant deterioration of the roof over the next few years. In addition, a different waterproofing compound will be applied to the asphalt room.

The intention is to start to undertake these works by the end of September with work hopefully completed by the end of October.

Offers of help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

In the first instance, please let me know  if you have any availability at weekends in October, or could spare some time on a Thursday/Friday slot.

Also, if you have or have access to an Airless Spray and would be willing to lend it out, as this would save the considerable cost of hiring one.