Hello world “Hello world” is the first default article on many blogging systems and I thought it was appropriate for this, our first post.

As a village, we are launching this website to be an accessible resource for all the residents of Abington Pigotts itself, but also to promote and celebrate our combined efforts and achievements.

Whilst this is the first incarnation of an AP website, it is not the first time some of us have ventured onto the world-wide web.

Keith Stott took to “t’Internet” to provide regular progress updates of his trip to help with the return of a Mercy Ships vessel last year. You can find the feed HERE and I challenge you not to laugh outloud when reading “This is Min”, bearing in mind Keith would give some of the England rugby forwards a run for their money in terms of height and weight!

Perhaps the widest previous online presence came about with the press coverage of our Living Advent Calendar last year. A quick Google of “Abington Pigotts living advent calendar” will prove my point. For the full picture (pun fully intended) go to abpigadvent.tumblr.com and scroll through all 24 windows. The BBC article is also a good summary, though unfortunately doesn’t have the local news video. We’ll aim to get that up on the site before next Christmas as an inspiration for this year’s efforts.